Plus Program Overview

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For those most dedicated to creating lasting change

Some people go the extra mile to make the world a better place.
They are invaluable in our communities and we are launching Plus to offer them more support. Plus benefits

reach more people

Reach more people

Your petition will be shared with at least 50,000 users, and potentially millions more.

get media attention

Get media attention

Get free public relations advice, and access our list of journalists interested in your cause.

use new tools

Receive financial support

You may be selected for funds to help drive your impact.

influence decision makers

Influence decision makers

Get free support from petition experts, helping you identify the right step for your cause to have the most impact.

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Tell powerful stories

Get free expert advice on how to communicate about your cause.

use new tools

Use new tools

You will be the first to use new tools we develop to help campaigns win.

You will also continue to get access to all the features you already get on

Use our world-class petition tool

Start and grow your petition on, where millions of people visit to sign petitions every day.

Learn tips for success

Discover things that you can do to make your petition successful with our step by step guide.

Promote petitions

You can pay for your petition to be prominently featured on the site and in emails to increase the amount of people that see your petition Plus and our mission

Our mission is to create a world where no one is powerless to create the change they want to see. With support from Plus, petition starters will transform our communities by building people power to win their campaigns.

Frequently asked questions

Why have we created this program?
We understand the importance of individuals who drive change around the world, and the impact they have. They put in endless time, commitment, and persistence for a greater good. We also know that there is little support for these people, so we created this program to support them to drive lasting change.
Does it cost money?
No, all support and tool access is provided for free.
Who is it for?
For now, this program is for the most dedicated petition starters on who can demonstrate a commitment to campaigning and have already built up an existing social network.
How do I join?
This program is in beta mode and applications are currently invite only. Please stay tuned for upcoming opportunities to apply in 2023.
How do people get selected?
We are looking for individuals and organisations who demonstrate:
  • A history of driving change on
  • A track record of organising
  • An intent to continue their work
  • An existing social network
How much time commitment is the program?
We expect everyone accepted into Plus to collaborate on a weekly basis with their coach to progress their campaign. Individuals can work around their schedules to put in the time and we won’t be tracking exact hours.

We don’t expect this to happen but a participant could be removed for; Violating our terms and policies or if they stop working on their campaign (We know life gets busy and it can be tough juggling multiple priorities, but those accepted into the program are making a commitment to their campaign efforts.)
Where is Plus available? Plus is currently available in the United States and Canada. If you are interested and live outside these areas, let us know you’re interested. We look forward to expanding to other areas in the future.